ASUS Extended Warranty

Extended warranty – is a service of free maintenance of the product for 1 year after the end of the standard factory warranty. During the period of validity of the free service, the owner has the right to free troubleshooting of malfunctions that have arisen in compliance with the operating rules described in the user manual, that is, production malfunctions.

Our customers can purchase an Extended Warranty Package, as a result of which the free service period for your equipment will be extended from the standard warranty period by an additional one year. This will allow you to receive free technical support and will allow you to reduce the costs of troubleshooting that may occur at the end of the main warranty period.

Extended Warranty Policy

Warranty obligations are fulfilled within the Republic of Kazakhstan by the corporate service center of our company located at the address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, Zhibek Zholy Ave., 104 a

  1. During the extended warranty period, the owner has the right to gratuitous maintenance of equipment with malfunctions that occurred while observing the operating rules described in the user manual, that is, with production malfunctions.
  2. To receive warranty service, you must keep a document confirming the purchase of equipment and a warranty card.
  3. The warranty obligations of the Extended Warranty Package do not apply to additional accessories that may be included, as well as consumables and accessories (including, but not limited to: batteries, cases, bags, documentation, various types of media, external manipulator (mouse), connecting cables, adapters, antennas, remote controls, headphones, etc.).
  4. Please make backups of all the necessary information stored in your equipment. ASUS cannot guarantee the safety of data in the equipment during repair. Neither the manufacturer nor the authorized service center is responsible for all losses, damages, etc. related to the loss of information on data storage and recording devices, including losses, damages, etc. related to the loss of information during repair. Defective parts replaced under warranty automatically become the property of ASUS.
  5. The basis for the application of the extended warranty is the availability of a properly and correctly filled out warranty card with mandatory indication of the serial number of the equipment, the date of sale, the seal of the selling organization, the data of the representative of the seller and the buyer. If necessary, employees of the service center may require the presentation of documents on the purchase of equipment and an extended warranty Package.

Warranty service is not provided if:

  1. the product was repaired by specialists not authorized by ASUS;
  2. the serial number of the product is fixed or damaged;
  3. the defect (including damage to the surfaces of the product) occurred after the transfer of the product to the customer, and is caused by improper or negligent handling, improper transportation, maintenance, use or storage of the product by the customer;
  4. the product has defects resulting from improper operating conditions specified in the user manual (short circuits, overloads, mechanical, electrical or thermal damage, jammed contacts, cracks, chips, traces of impact or mechanical impact);
  5. the defect is caused by external stress, accident, natural disaster, intentional or careless actions of the consumer, improper or negligent handling, or use in emergency conditions;
  6. the defect was the result of improper connection of external devices (monitor, printer, TV, etc.);
  7. the defect is caused by the conditions of improper use or storage of the product, which are specified in the user manual;
  8. The damaged components were not manufactured or sold by ASUS;
  9. any programs, data, etc. are damaged or lost;
  10. the damage was caused by the action of a virus or illegal software;
  11. the client requests support in installing and configuring the product for software from third parties or devices, or network configuration is required;
  12. the client applies due to limitations in the operation of the product in terms of compatibility with other devices. Due to technological limitations, some devices may have limitations in operation or be incompatible with this product. These are general restrictions defined by standards in the information industry, they are not specific to ASUS equipment;
  13. damage caused by foreign objects (substances, liquids, etc.) entering the device was detected.